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  • The Speciality Coffee Rabbit Hole

    I moved to Goa sometime in late 2020, and the only habit of mine which I struggled to carry onwards from Bangalore was coffee. I was (and still am) a bit of a kitchen nerd. Decent coffee was something I usually took for granted in Bangalore, where you had tiny mom & pop coffee roasters […]

  • Personal Updates: Hello 2022!

    Ahoy there, Rhino from the future! You’re probably the only reader of this blog. To give you company, I have decided to revive it and start writing more often! As is often tradition, I’ll start 2022 with a list of what I have been up to since my last blog post… I moved out of […]

  • DCDBS: Easy docker-compose Databases

    A common problem I tend to face when starting a project is setting up databases. Even when I use docker-compose to do the job, the steps are repetitive and configuration of each individual db is hard to remember. Thus, dcdbs. It’s a docker-compose.yml file with a bit of everything I’ve used via docker-compose. You can […]

  • 2018 Kerala Floods: Resources For Claiming Insurance

    Note: This post was originally written for, a website with information to help people recover after the 2018 Kerala Floods. My mother, who works in the insurance industry helped me write this. I’m re-publishing it in my blog with the hope that it reaches a wider audience. Please visit AfterFlood for more resources on […]

  • Find and Replace with Sed: Rename Golang Packages

    I just consolidated my GitHub, Twitter and Instagram handle. They are the same as the .com domain I bought for this blog. As I renamed my GitHub handle, I also needed to fix import paths and rename golang packages hosted there. I used Sed, everybody’s (and also their parents’ and their grandparents’) favourite stream editor. […]